Another author in the making!

 Well done Iain who showed me his writing before the holiday! I couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

I was in a strange, vast, pinewood forest. I heard shouting, hammering and the cluttering of hooves on the hard tawny floor. As quick as I could, I hid behind a nearby tree, scared of being seen. All was terrifying, almost every minute. There were large cages full of people begging for their life, and tears running down their eyes. Then suddenly in the forest, an immense set of horses came galloping past, and as quick as a bolt, they stopped creating a huge dust cloud. When the dust cleared I saw a royal carriage. In that carriage a young boy sat leaning against the window…

Just a flavour of the story set during the Anglo Saxon period of history! Wow!

Travel writing at its best!

Well done to Layla who showed me her report this morning!!!! The green highlighting means she has used a lot of great features in her writing! Here is an excerpt

Today I started my journey down the river which was as large as the galaxy. The River Nile was a large knife cutting the land in two, the life giving river which is 70 metres deep, and flows through Africa quite smoothly. From my boat I could see the fish swimming swiftly through the dazzling, transparent diamond lake. On the thick plants that formed a wall between the River Nile. The navy water was like a wall, like a gargantuan! I saw tiny boats that looked like ducks, which hold one hundred people!

We have a new Otis Bear!

Yesterday I was greeted with a lovely surprise! A present! Thank you so much to Armanas in Year 6 and his sister Adriana in Year 2. I had told the pupils that we have lost Otis, our On Time In School Bear, so they decided to donate their own bear for us at school! Very very kind! Thank you so much!

Writing for Rabbits!


I had a visit today from Hollie, Lucianna, Luke, Tyler, Jacob, Ethan and Isobella in Reception who showed me their wonderful writing. They had been making a list of everything they needed to look after our rabbits Cloud and Sizzle. Carrots, lettuce, even dandelions were on the list. Luke also included a nice soft bed! What lucky rabbits we have! What clever pupils we have!!!!